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hidden & direct EP

released 2002

hidden & direct EP

fabrique records 12"

"after producing a remix for the turntable-jazz-artists "waxolutionists" and contributing to the delicious tunes/superfabrique-compilation, kava - a member of the creative-collective vitamine-source - once again underlines his extraordinary feel for crystal-clear grooves with the brandnew funky "hidden & direct ep". listen to these funky 4 tracks and refresh your mind. stay tuned"

a1. stay [hidden & direct]
a2. the option
b1. don’t sleep [had too much]
b2. don’t think

DE: BUG Magazine (Germany)

"a strange record which makes us realise that austria is still doing its own thing. downtempo, drum and bass, dub and jazz are still being blended together in that inimitable austrian way. this leads on to the style that kava is storming night clubs with. broken beats that are pretty light and groovy with the odd excursion into jazz. lots of sound samples from old school downbeat can be found together with noemi's vocals, a singer worthy of getting the björk revival prize! especially the snappy and funky slice of digital influenced 2 step break core funk on ["don't sleep (had too much)"]. it is a very light track but still has a unique "engraving" energy."


hidden & direct EP
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