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superfabrique compilation

released 2002

superfabrique compilation

fabrique records CD

"fresh electronic entertainment feat. paloma, fauna flash, mauracher, monophone, kava, konsorten™, bassman, wabe and many more.

if anyone is under the impression that this is one of those typical everyday lounge-compilations, it has to be said that they are very wrong. "superfabrique”-listeners are taken on an amazing journey exploring various style and sound levels. in addition to this, the entire fabrique-artist-family are represented by solo-tasters, topped with track-pearls by artist friends from austria, germany and the uk."

1. paloma – la mer [fabrique]
following amazing live-gigs and tours with acts such as mouse on mars, k&d, einstürzende neubauten and shantel, film music contributions ("der überfall”), many projects with various artists and their debut album, "directions in music”, paloma are once again attracting attention. hanno leichtmann (static, dj attacheé, ich schwitze nie – he releases for example on sonarkollektiv), and hannes strobl (bassman) - alias paloma (berlin) launch their lyrical, chilled jazz-style "la mer” including jazzanova-vocalist clara hill as a taster to their new 12” vinyl "funky bones ep” and their brandnew album, to be released in 2002.

2. fauna flash – alone again [compost]
along side the trüby trio and amongst others, they are the "premium brand” of compost records…

3. wabe – time to leave the planet [fabrique]
wabe – two sound pioneers from lower austria with an amazing feel for melody, grooves and good sound. "time to leave the planet” is a dreamy dub-style taste of what’s to come on their debut album planned for release later this year. uplifting music that simply blows you away.

4. mauracher – meilenstein [fabrique]
instead of taking over his parent‘s tyrolean farmhouse and hotel in the zillertal, hubert mauracher packed his suitcase and moved to vienna in order to dedicate himself solely to making music. sharing a flat with top-class jazz musicians seemed the logical move to make. dreamlike melodies meet uptempo jazz grooves. the first 12" and the debut album are planned for release in 2002.

5. play the tracks of & paloma – we in history [popfabrique]
after their last single, "everybody´s into something” (1995), their album "beautycase” ("album of the year 1996” – o-ton "rolling stone magazine”) and a five year break, the duo "play the tracks of” are back with a concept-coop-track in combination with paloma. their brand new, eagerly awaited maxi, "this heart (shall sing again)” including mixes & bonustracks will be released in march 2002.

6. monophone – a little too much [under 5´s | skint]
"under 5´s” the skint records (fatboy slim) sublabel has a line up of raw talent waiting in the wings, monophone being one of them. up to date he has drawn positive attention to himself with various remix tracks (eg. space raiders, rec. rangers) and his "the slightly stereo ep”. his "superfabrique-contribution” is to be followed by his fantastic "play the tracks of/this heart” – remix...

7. cay taylan – nica chab vaye [couch]
a discovery destined for success made by the groove-masters and couch records founders, dzihan & kamien. cay taylan – a member of the up and coming, young "vitamine-source” – artist collective, dj, producer, cosmopolitan....

8. concentric – da_seer [konsorten™ edit] [fabrique]
konsorten™ alias concentric launch a funky-step-clubtrack, "da_seer”, which follows on seamlessly from their energy filled "disko 23 ep”. in addition to this konsorten™– after having sucessfully changed label from automatique/emi to fabrique records – will attract attention with their brand new german language 12”, "lang_auf” (feat. mixes by christopher just & alex is my bro) – release: march 2002.

9. nuwalker feat. ken cesar – between good ´n´ better [cheap]
one of vienna’s most innovative electronic labels – cheap records – and mario neugebauer, one of the louie austen–discoverers strike again. using the pseudonym nuwalker and in conjunction with top vocalist ken cesar he landed an underground clubhit in 2001, with the track, "between good´n´better”.

10. dubblestandart – playerhater [mad professor mix] [fabrique]
the austrian reggae & dub-pioniers more impressive and electronic than they have ever been. a taster to their new album "streets of dub”, the 12” "playerhater” (incl. an exclusive mad professor – mix) is out now. watch out.

11. kava – the button in my head [fabrique]
after producing a remix for the turntable jazz-artists "waxolutionists” and contributing to the "delicious tunes” compilation, kava, a member of the top-class, young creative-collectives "vitamine-source” (which also includes cay taylan), he once again underlines his extraordinary/natural feel for crystal-clear grooves with his latest compilation-track, "the button in my head”. his funky-electronic 12" titled "day ep”, will be out soon, followed later this year by his debut-album.

12. bassman – minimal distraction [fabrique]
bassman is hannes strobl in solo form. hannes strobl being one half of the paloma duo. bassman is what you get. hannes strobl as a bassist takes this instrument way beyond its traditioinal roots, right to the heart of electronic music. cut into atmospheric grooves producing a very independent and innovative journey in sound. a one-off musician on a sound expedition fit for any venue.

13. total chaos – gute gründe [the bionic kid remake] [intonation]
along with the waxolutionists, total chaos are one of the most important and innovative representatives of the austrian hip hop scene. combined to give us "supercity soundystem”, we are sure to hear from both crews in the near future. as kind of a taster, bionic kid remake – an edit of the total chaos–track, "gute gründe”.

14. superuser-fr – cowsong [fabrique]
christian roesner – one half of fabrique records and superuser-fr rounds off the compilation with his superfabrique-contribution "cowsong” a tongue in cheek rendition. moving away from jazz (remixes for defunkt-boss joseph bowie & sigi finkel) and political grooves (various musical contributions for the electronic-resistance-series), superuser-fr (georg friesenbichler und christian roesner) seek to leave a smile on your face...


superfabrique compilation
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