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friedrich lichtenstein - terrestrische wellen ep

released 2005

friedrich lichtenstein - terrestrische wellen ep

featuring a bonus mix of "du kommst hier den gang lang" by kava

leaving the earth with terrestrial waves. following his debut-album "please have a look from above" (fabrique 2004) and numerous club gigs from berlin to vienna to lille in france, mr. liechtenstein is back with a new ep. "terrestrial waves" is a successful development of liechtenstein´s warmly entertaining and lyrical electro pop style, even if the sounds produced by arnold kasar (atomhockey/nylon) and nicholas bussman are notably clearer and rawer. watch out for new livedates and the sparkling love towers world tour - project.

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friedrich lichtenstein - terrestrische wellen ep
"du kommst hier den gang lang (kava remix)


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