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07.09.2004 13:17


code: barracuda astronauts

Floor 1:

LIVE: Kava feat. Anng (vocals) and the Polypop String

On decks: Quote35, Tazza and Cutex (Urbs & Cutex / HongKong Rec.)

Floor 2:

Dorian Concept
Senor (Viennalizm)

On the map: Jazz, Soul and Funk Flavours, Broken Beats, Uptempo Grooves, HipHop and other electronic treats.

Visuals: onikame and kava

Eintritt: VVK 6 / 8

Timetable: t.b.a



07.09.2004 13:15


Vitamine Source is now landing on the blue planet from the heights of the Stratosphere with their first, brandnew 5 Track E.P “Barracuda Astronauts”!

At close to six feet in length the giant barracuda, with its huge mouth filled with sharp teeth, can present a quite frightening sight to a diver. In tropical regions the barracuda is highly feared by divers, not just because of its formidable appearance, but also because it is very unpredictable. Unlike the shark, the barracudas are not known to silently creep up on a victim since what they perceive in their under water world is not so much by smell, but more by sight. Once the barracuda has spied a diver it is not uncommon for them to continue following until the possible prey has left the water or disappeared from their line of sight.

The audiovisual platform Vitamine Source was founded in Vienna, Austria in 2000. Since day one the collective is appointing its own tempo and is now landing on the blue planet from the heights of the Stratosphere with “Barracuda Astronauts”.

Headed by the notorious journalist/producer Quote35 and the powerful Emcee Jax (Binkis Recs) from Atlanta the opener reveals a transatlantic axis. “Action Jaxson” is a powerfully eloquent and funked-out molotow cocktail – it outlines Jax´s and Q35´s very own definition of action.

The sound wizard Chromosonic causes bloodshot eyes and wild sweat breakouts. Chromosonic was trained on classical piano and steps to darker regions with the brutally hypertonic “Krell”. Breakbeats for all! Dorian Concept serves “Warm cookies and cold milk”. The 20 year old musician kidnaps the listener and takes him on an easy-going roller-coaster ride of bizarrely arranged and complex soundscapes, which point out that his musical roots cannot be defined easily.

The versatile musician and producer Kava is spinning the wheels and constructs a moving and flexile tricylce with “Sayno” - consisting of firm beats, sticky melodies and clever placed speech-samples. A sure shot for the floor! Tazza contests the big final, clearly identifiable coded “It´s showtime”. This one will make you move! The uptempo smasher particulary shines through its roughness - rolling basslines, breaks and filters blend into the trademark strictness and elegance of the Tango. ”It´s showtime” completes a small cross-section of the broad Vitamine Source cosmos. The barracuda astronauts settle down on planet earth.

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